Human Rights and Employment

In the development of internationally sanctioned standards for labor and employment there are some threshold considerations that must be taken into account. First, labor and employment rights generally fall within the category of social, cultural and political rights. This is to be distinguished from conventional, civil and political rights. Read More

Theory & Strategies for Full Employment. Proceedings of the World Academy of Art & Science Conference on the Global Employment Challenge

1. The Need for New Theory and Strategies

From October 2009 to March 2010, the World Academy of Art & Science launched an e-conference on the Global Employment Challenge (GEC). The conference included video webcast presentations and formal papers by innovative thinkers combined with open discussion between Fellows of the Academy and invited guests. Read More

Introductory Paper for a Programme on The Wealth of Nations Revisited

1. Introduction
Civilization is an instrument fashioned by human beings to improve the welfare and well-being of our race through a wide range of institutions — political, social, economic, educational, scientific and cultural. When Adam Smith published the Wealth of Nations at the onset of the Industrial Revolution, it appeared as if a solution had finally been found to the age-old problem of scarcity. Read More