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Seeding Intrinsic Values: How a Law of Ecocide will Shift our Consciousness

In April 2010, I proposed to the United Nations a law of Ecocide. My proposal has at its heart a fundamental intrinsic value – the sacredness of all life. When we value life, something fundamentally shifts in us; we look to the inner. It opens the door to self-reflection and when we do that, we look at the consequences. It is the same with law. Law that is premised on imposed values, such as profit and ownership leads to short-term gains without examination of the longer-term implications. Currently, our world is predominantly driven by laws that put profit first. So, how do we shift to a new way of being that prioritises intrinsic values? How do we shift away from valuing something for its price-tag to valuing something for its own sake, regardless of whether or not it has a pecuniary value?
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