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Preventing Hell on Earth


To fulfill its mission a human-centered paradigm as envisioned by World Academy of Art & Science should combine optimism with pessimism. An essential meta-value is avoiding the bad, in addition to achieving “the good”. Realistic assessment of human beings is a must. An appropriate phased time horizon of 10 to 80 years should frame the paradigm. Evaluation of emerging science and technology with very dangerous potentials, such as those posed by synthesizing viruses and radical “human enhancement,” followed perhaps by human cloning and deep genetic engineering, is essential. Thinking ahead realistically on alternative futures of the human species as a whole and their drivers is a must, giving due weight to dangerous propensities as well as virtues of human beings. Read More

Is the World Floundering or Has She a Vision?


To all appearances the world seems to be floundering without leadership, direction or even a clear formulation of goals and processes.
Yet, paradoxically, amidst the apparent chaos and confusion, evolutionary patterns of advance somehow seem to emerge, universal values become ever more prevalent and powerful as deep drivers and determinates, a more than conventional wisdom seems to guide situations where conventional wisdom is stymied or blinded by dogma and superstition, and susceptible ignorant masses sooner or later choose a course that leads to the future rather than back to the past. This progressive movement is far from steady and often interspersed with retrograde steps and descends into utter folly and vicious violence, but all the same a direction seems to emerge that defies the expectations of scientific projections and doomsday prophets.

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New Paradigm Quest


Global economic growth has undoubtedly produced enormous benefits for hundreds of millions of people in both developed and developing countries. But we are heading fast into a perfect storm of connected environmental, economic and social challenges. The issues confronting the world community today are more intense and threatening than those we have faced in the past. They are on an unprecedented scale, with truly global implications; they are evolving fast; they are essentially connected and systemic and they will behave, individually and together in non-linear ways. Read More

The World is Helping Ukraine: Can Ukraine Help the World?


Because of the military aggression by Russia, Ukraine is in war, and is in a poor political, economic, social and ecological state. The world is helping Ukraine by condemning Russia’s actions, by imposing sanctions on Russia and by financially helping Ukraine. A majority of the countries in the world are however themselves in a very poor state, with dissatisfied people, because not all their human rights can be ascertained and because the relations between people, groups and countries are harshly competitive. Read More

The 70th Anniversary of the Creation of the United Nations: Giving Peace a Chance


War and peace perpetually alternate. Peace is always seen as an endless project, even a dream, to be realised in brotherhood by everyone all over the earth. During the last centuries, outstanding endeavours have been undertaken by the international community to create an international order free from wars through the strengthening of mechanisms aimed at promoting peaceful settlement of disputes. Read More

A New Beginning

“I pretended not to know. / And now / my conscience / is without rest / night and day”.


In the last few years, there has been an enormous decline on all fronts and in all areas. The world, Europe and Spain undoubtedly suffer its effects. Our political leaders have surrendered to the rules of the markets and obediently subjected our society to “austericide”, with profound negative social effects. The present economic guidelines don’t work and there is no end in sight to the widening inequalities originated by budget cuts. Read More

Ten Points on New Paradigms

Contemporary challenges create the need for a new paradigm of global development. This is why Kazakhstan wants to tackle this problem. President Nursultan Nazarbayev launch­ed the G-Global initiative that aims at uniting efforts of the international community to establish just and secure world order. Read More

Inside this Issue

The World Academy of Art & Science has conducted fifteen conferences over the past three years exploring various dimensions of a human-centered development paradigm intended to address the multi-dimensional challenges confronting humanity today. This project is based on the premise that incremental improvements in institutions and policies are insufficient to cope with the increasingly globalized, rapidly changing, interconnected and complex evolution of the human community now in process. Read More

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