Cadmus – Volume 2, Issue 4 – May 2015 – ISSN 2038-5242


Content Summary

Inside This Issue

Ten Points on New Paradigms
K. J. Tokayev

A New Beginning
F. Mayor

70th Anniversary of Creation of the UN: Giving Peace a Chance
C. Guillermet-Fernández & D. F. Puyana

The World is Helping Ukraine: Can Ukraine Help the World?
B. Hawrylyshyn

New Paradigm Quest
A. Likhotal

Is the World Floundering or Has She a Vision?
A. Natarajan

Preventing Hell on Earth
Y. Dror

Uncorking the Future: Transitions to a New Paradigm
G. Jacobs

From Reset to Reboot?
A. Likhotal

Leadership for a New Paradigm in Human Development
J. Harish

Employment & the Unity of Social Science
I. Šlaus

Double Helix of Learning & Work
O. Giarini & M. Malitza

Contours of New Economic Theory
G. Jacobs

Can we Finance the Energy Transition?
I. Johnson

The New Paradigm of Social Evolution
D. Tchurovsky

BOOK REVIEW: 2013-14 State of the Future by Jerome C. Glenn, et al.
M. Marien

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