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The Conscious Individual

This article traces the evolutionary development of human consciousness and its increasingly complex and sophisticated organization as human personality from the instinctive behavior of the animal and the subconscious conformity characteristic of early forms of human civilization through progressive stages of transition from physical to social to mental levels of awareness and from the undifferentiated social consciousness of the member of the tribe to the emergence of independent thinking, creativity and uniqueness, which characterize the Conscious Individual. Read More

Society and Social Power

Society is the source of immense power. Over the past few centuries humanity has record­ed phenomenal growth in its collective capacity for accomplishment, as reflected in the 12-fold growth in global per capita income since 1800. Read More

Anticipation: A New Thread for the Human and Social Sciences?

Anticipation is increasingly at the heart of urgent contemporary debates, from climate change to economic crisis. Read More

Unification in the Social Sciences: Search for a Science of Society

The social sciences have contributed significantly to humanity’s remarkable progress over the past two centuries, but the multidimensional crises confronting the world today reflect the need to rapidly move beyond the limitations imposed by the compartmentalization of social science disciplines and the absence of common unifying principles equivalent to those in the natural sciences. Read More

Our Common Enemies and Our Best Friends

The re-emergence of dangerous East-West tensions, atrocities in the Middle East, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), bloodshed in Ukraine, traumas inflicted on many chil­dren by war and violence, massive war in Europe becoming imaginable for the first time since the end of the Cold War, violation of current international laws, unfulfilled expectations, missed opportunities offered by the end of the Cold War and in the Middle East, as well as attempts to “solve” them using military threats and economic sanctions, are all manifestations of an old paradigm that perpetuates the very problems it promises to resolve and is incapable of addressing the pressing challenges confronting humanity today. Read More

Inside this issue

Part 1 of this issue of Cadmus contains discussion documents for the next in the series of World Academy conferences on New Paradigm of Sustainable Human Development, which will be conducted in Almaty, Kazakhstan on November 5-7, 2014. Efforts to date confirm the conclusion that a new paradigm must necessarily be founded on a new theoretical framework based on universal values and a trans-disciplinary perspective of social evolution. “Unification in the Social Sciences: Search for a Science of Society” by Garry Jacobs, Winston Nagan & Alberto Zucconi provides an overview of perspectives that emerged from two trans-disciplinary courses conducted by WAAS and World University Consortium in Dubrovnik earlier this Fall. Human aspirations and perceptions of the future play a crucial role in determining behavior and outcomes. Read More

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