Cadmus – Volume 2, Issue 3 – October 2014 – ISSN 2038-5242


Content Summary

Inside this Issue

Editorial: Our Common Enemies & Our Best Friends

Unification in the Social Sciences: Search for a Science of Society
 Garry Jacobs, Winston Nagan& Alberto Zucconi

Anticipation: A New Thread for the Human and Social Sciences?
Roberto Poli

Society and Social Power
Janani Harish

The Conscious Individual
Ashok Natarajan

Fictitious Capital and the Elusive Quest in Understanding its Implications: Illusions and Paradoxes
Joanilio Rodolpho Teixeira& Paula Felix Ferreira

Replacing the Concept of Externalities to Analyze Constraints on Global Economic Growth and Move Toward a New Economic Paradigm
Jim Lunday

European Transition into a Socio-ecological Market Economy
Eric Hoedl

New Paradigm in the Service Economy The Search of Economics for Scientific Credibility: In between Hard and Soft Sciences
Orio Giarini

A World Parliament and the Transition from International Law to World Law
Andreas Bummel

The Double Helix of Learning and Work: Chapter 3 – I Work, Therefore I Am
Orio Giarini and Mircea Malitza

Can we still comply with the maximum limit of 2°C? Approaches to a New Climate Contract
F. J. Radermacher

The Future of the Atlantic and the Role of Africa in International Development
Francesco Stipo et al

BOOK REVIEW Avant-Garde Politician: Leaders for a New Epoch by Yehezkel Dror
Michael Marien


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