Cadmus – Volume 2, Issue 2 – May 2014 – ISSN 2038-5242

Content Summary

Inside this Issue

Expanding Network of Networks
O. Giarini, H. Gurgulino de Souza, G. Jacobs, W. Nagan, I. Šlaus & A. Zucconi

The Coming Revolution in Education
A. Zucconi & G. Jacobs

Transition to a New Society
Ivo Šlaus

New Paradigm: The Necessity and the Opportunity
Garry Jacobs

Environmental Acceptability as the Driver of New Civilization
Alexander Likhotal

Change the World by Changing “Economics”
Karl Wagner

The Crisis of the Existing Global Paradigm of Governance and Political Economy
Winston P. Nagan

The Digital Era: Challenges for the Modern Mind
Merlin Donald

Towards a Global Comprehensive Context-driven and Decision-focused Theory and Method for a New Political Economy
Winston P. Nagan & Valeen Arena

The Double Helix of Learning and Work
Orio Giarini & Mircea Malitza

Towards a New Paradigm in Education
Garry Jacobs

Lessons from World War I
John Scales Avery

The Riches of the Ocean for Humankind
Orio Giarini

Sixteen Worldviews
Oxford Martin Commission Report
Security and Sustainability
Technology, Jobs, and Inequality
Michael Marien


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