Cadmus – Volume 2, Issue 1 – October 2013 – ISSN 2038-5242

Content Summary

Inside this Issue

A Revolution and a New Paradigm in Education
H. de Souza, G. Jacobs, W. Nagan, I. Šlaus, A. Zucconi

Freedom and Unity
Garry Jacobs

Musings on a New Paradigm
Jonathan Granoff

Creative Consciousness
Ashok Natarajan

Tomorrow’s Universities and the Seven Pillars of the Knowledge Revolution
Ismail Serageldin

Online Education: A Revolution in the Making
Janani Harish

The Double Helix of Learning and Work
Orio Giarini & Mircea Malitza

Reflections on the Future of Global Higher Education
H. de Souza, J. Harish, G. Jacobs, W. Nagan, I. Šlaus & A. Zucconi

The Future of Water: Strategies to Meet the Challenge
Alexander Likhotal

Climate Policy after Doha: Turning Obstacles into Solutions
F. J. Radermacher

“BIOPOLIS”: Biopolicy for Greener and More Livable Cities
Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis

The Climate Bonus: Co-benefits of Climate Policy by Alison Smith
Book Review by Michael Marien

New Paradigm in Human Development: A Progress Report
Ivo Šlaus & Garry Jacobs

Seeking Alternatives in a Global Crisis
Federico Mayor

The New Sciences of Networks and Complexity: A Short Introduction
Raoul Weiler & Jüri Engelbrecht

A Note on the Difference Between Complicated and Complex Social Systems
Roberto Poli

Making Central Banks Serve the Real Economy
Suleika Reiners

The Balance Sheet of the Parallel Action Carried out by the Secretariat of the Soul and Precision, 100 years later
Orio Giarini

Global Governance: A New Paradigm for the Rule of Law
Winston Nagan

Cooperative Security: A New Paradigm for a World Without Nuclear Weapons?
Marc Finaud

Actions to Enhance Global Security – Focus on WMD and Terrorism
Des Browne, Garry Jacobs & Ivo Šlaus

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