Cadmus – Volume I, Issue 6 – May 2013 – ISSN 2038-5242

Content Summary

Inside This Issue

In Search of a New Paradigm for Global Development
Ivo Šlaus & Garry Jacobs

The Demographic Revolution: Reconceptualizing Macroeconomics
Orio Giarini

Networks: Innovation, Growth and Sustainable Development
Peter Johnston

Human Centered Development Perspective
Ivo Šlaus, Orio Giarini & Garry Jacobs

The Right to Development
Winston Nagan

Building a Caring Economy and Society: Beyond Capitalism, Socialism and other Old Isms
Riane Eisler

From Epicurus to Maslow
Gerald Gutenschwager

Steve Jobs: Nobel Laureate
Garry Jacobs

The Dogma of Democracy Gone Sour
Graeme Maxton

John Scales Avery

Multiplying Money
Garry Jacobs

An Aging Workforce: Employment Opportunities and Obstacles
Mirjana Radović-Marković

The Arms Trade Treaty Opens New Possibilities at the UN
John Scales Avery

Michael Marien

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