Cadmus – Volume I, Issue 5 – October 2012 – ISSN 2038-5242

Content Summary

Recognizing Unrecognized Genius
Counter-Aging in the Post-industrial Society
Seeding Intrinsic Values: How a Law of Ecocide will Shift our Consciousness Justice

Crises and Opportunities: A Manifesto for Change
Jan Johnson & Garry Jacobs

Double Factor Ten: Responsibility and Growth in the 21st Century
F. J. Radermacher

Robert Horn

The Future of the Arctic: A Key to Global Sustainability
Francesco Stipo etc

Book review — 2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years Growth
Michael Marien

Money, Debt, People and Planet Right
Jakob von Uexkull

The Power of Money
Garry Jacobs & Ivo Šlaus

On the Need for New Economic Foundations: A Critique on Mainstream Macroeconomics
Robert Hoffman

New and Appropriate Economics for the 21st Century: A Survey of Critical Books, 1978-2013
Michael Marien

Book review — Money and Sustainability: The Missing Link
Ivo Šlaus & Garry Jacobs

Book Review — Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing
Michael Marien

Sovereignty and Nuclear Weapons: The Need for Real Sovereign Authority Rooted in the People’s Global Expectations about Survival, Peace and Security
Winston P. Nagan & Garry Jacobs

World Peace Through Law: Rethinking an Old Theory
James T. Ranney

Federalism and Global Governance
John Scales Avery

Myth, Hiroshima and Fear: How We Overestimated the Usefulness of the Bomb
Ward Wilson

How Reliance on Nuclear Weapons Erodes and Distorts International Law and Global Order
John Burroughs

Re-Examining The 1996 ICJ Advisory Opinon: Concerning Legality of Nuclear Weapons
Jasjit Singh

India’s Disarmament Initiative 1988 – Continuing Relevance, Valid Pointers for an NWFW
Manpreet Sethi

Nuclear Threats & Security
Garry Jacobs & Winston P. Nagan

An Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone – Needed Now
Adele Buckley

Report on Recent Events
Declaration of the Split Conference
Report on Pugwash Conference
Stop the Insanity — A report on Astana Conference on Nuclear Disarmament Activities
The ATOM Project
Power of Mind — A report on Club of Rome Annual Conference Activities

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