Cadmus – Volume I, Issue 4 – April 2012 – ISSN 2038-5242

Content Summary

Editorial: Human Capital

Great Transformations
The Great Divorce: Finance and Economy
Evolution from Violence to Law to Social Justice
Immediate Solution for the Greek Financial Crisis
Economic Crisis & the Science of Economics


Original Thinking
Ashok Natarajan

Inclusive Growth: Why is it important for developing Asia?
Jesus Felipe

From Limits to Growth to Limitless Growth
Garry Jacobs & Ivo Šlaus

Getting Risks Right
Patrick M. Liedtke

Flaws in the Concept of Nuclear Deterrence
John Scales Avery

Simulated ICJ Judgment
Winston P. Nagan

Social Evolution, Global Governance & World Parliament
Andreas Bummel

From European Union to World Union
John McClintock

New Paradigm for Global Rule of Law
Winston P. Nagan & Garry Jacobs

Law in Transition Biblioessay
Michael Marien

Research Integrity
Pieter J. D. Drenth

Entropy & Economics
John Scales Avery

Gender Perspectives on Climate Change & Human Security in India
Jyoti Parikh, Dinoj Kumar Upadhyay & Tanu Singh

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