Volume 1 Issue 3, October 2011 – ISSN 2038-5242

Content Summary
Inside This Issue

Organization Abolishes Scarcity
Organizing International Food Security
Boundless Frontiers of Untold Wealth
Mediterranean – EU Community for a New Era of Mankind

The World in 2052
Ian Johnson

Rethinking Growth: The Need for a New Economics
Roberto Peccei

The Evolution of Wealth & Human Security: The Paradox of Value and Uncertainty
Orio Giarini and Garry Jacobs

Real Economies and the Illusions of Abstraction
Hazel Henderson

The Moral Arc of History
Robert W. Fuller

Mediation of Conflicts by Civil Society
Melanie Greenberg, Robert J. Berg and Cora Lacatus

Rising Expectations, Social Unrest & Development
Ashok Natarajan

Brief History of Alternative Dispute Resolution in the USA
Michael McManus and Brianna Silverstein

Turn Towards Unity: Converting Crises into Opportunities
Garry Jacobs

In Search of Failure’s Silver Lining
Bengt-Arne Vedin


Report on Activities of WAAS and Club of Rome

Program Framework for the World Academy of Art & Science

Towards Green Growth
Michael Marien

Taming Global Governance Idea Chaos: A “Frontier Frame” for Recent Books
Michael Marien

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