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Government is as old as the society. Governance is as recent as 1900. One is a fact of power. Read More

Towards a Global Democratic Revolution

1. The Limits of National Democratization
The peaceful mass protests of millions of Egyptians that toppled the repressive and corrupt presidency of Hosni Mubarak in the course of 18 days and the ouster of Tunisia’s President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali after massive civil resistance might turn out to mark an important milestone in the expansion of democracy in the world.* Read More

Biopolicy – Building a green society

1. Biopolicy to meet the global economic and environmental challenge
It is not only the global economy that the facing a deep recession, but also the global environment. Unavailability of credit and loss of jobs and income, coupled with climate change, energy insecurity, pollution of the air, water and soil, and the decimation of species and habitats, are creating an unprecedented world challenge and responsibility. Read More

Grossly Distorted Picture: GDP Still Misleading

Beyond GDP: Global Poll*
A new global poll across 12 countries reveals that more than two-thirds of people polled think that economic statistics like GDP are an inadequate way of measuring national progress.

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Global Prospects for Full Employment


The recent international financial crisis highlights the crucial role of employment in human welfare and social stability. Read More

Capital Needs Labour

The past three and a half years have seen a very rough ride for the world’s financial markets. Read More

Human Rights, Liberty & Socio-Economic Justice: Economic Theory and the Ascent of Private Property Values

1. Introduction
In the Introduction to the first issue of CADMUS, Ivo Šlaus and Garry Jacobs essentially provide us with a reminder that the founders of modern economics were also important moral philosophers. Read More

Science and Economics: The Case of Uncertainty & Disequilibrium

1. Neoclassical Economics & the “General Equilibrium” System

1.1 Supply and Demand in a Static “Perfect” Equilibrium

The act of selling or buying goods always takes place at a given moment or instant in time, at which a price is agreed and paid. Read More

The Perfect Storm: Economics, Finance and Socio-Ecology. A Commentary

The world is at an inflection point. A convergence of themes – seemingly disconnected – is integral and urgent to our very survival. Our world is headed into a Perfect Storm of an interconnected financial, ecological and social crisis. Almost all forward-looking assessments demonstrate that business as usual and incremental improvements will not be sufficient to take us to a future world blessed by equitable prosperity, safety, security and contentment.

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Policy for Full Employment

“Employment is the single greatest challenge facing humanity today,” according to Ian Johnson, Secretary General of the Club of Rome, in his opening remarks to an international conference last November – remarkable words coming from an organization known principally for its concern about environmental issues. Read More

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